Preble County 911 Dispatch Merger – Public Participation and Vote

This is the video of today’s Preble County Commission meeting, public discussion and vote on the Eaton & Preble County merger of 911 dispatches. While this is being presented as one video it was a two part meeting with a number of zoning cases and other business in the middle (not included in this video).  I continue to hold the opinion that this process was flawed and the decision made out of public view.  Software issues required watching a good bit of it and I find the explanations and tone put forth by Junior Commissioner Creech unacceptable.  The transcript records and even this meeting clearly show a good bit of conflict over the lack of public participation, involvement and full disclosure between Commissioner Robertson & Junior Commissioner Creech. This is a "drain the swamp" issue and Junior Commissioner Creech is neck deep in it. I share the view of Commissioner Robertson.

The vote came down to 2-1 with Robertson against.


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