The Proposed Preble County Landfill Expansion and Why Southern Preble County Should Be Concerned

Posted below is the .pdf of the information used in the Landfill Presentation video that has already been posted. There are legitimate reasons for accepting some out of county trash, the issue is how much and future expansion as outlined in this report.  Take a look at the planned western and southern expansions. The county bought surrounding property for test wells and as real buffers, not as planned expansion areas. I can't imagine that the residents of Lakengren will sit quietly by when the planned western expansion is over an aquifer in an area that the EPA previously had rules against but now may allow. Likewise with what is essentially a planned new landfill to the south that would eventually become merged with the current landfill when the valley in the middle is filled in.  Double click the image to download and review the information.

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