Preble County Budget Report – April 25, 2017 – You’ve been had.

Historic does not do this General Fund balance justice.  The Preble County General Fund hit an all time high on March 31, 2017 of $5,999,072.19.  This calls into question all those requests in recent years for tax levies supported by Commission Day and Junior Commissioner Creech.  Commissioner Robertson has been right to question the need for tax increases.   Seriously folks – you’ve been had. Commissioner Creech is the next commissioner up for re-election and some serious questions need to be asked.

I'd like to once again thank Preble County Auditor Lavon Wright for fulfilling my recent "open records" request to continue sending me the budget report.


Budget report from April 25, 2017: General Fund balance – $5,999,072.19

Budget report from April 25, 2016: General Fund balance – $4,657,086.11

Budget report from April 29, 2015: General Fund balance – $4,010,508.26

Budget report from April 30, 2012: General Fund balance – $3,412,668.94

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Preble County Commission – March 8, 2017 meeting audio

This meeting has a short mention of issues with the leachate line route involving ground water getting into the Lakengren sewer system either at Lakengren and/ or along the route.  I classify the meeting audio as poor but Chris Day mentions a hydraulics’ issue.  This issue is primarily a competence issue as in lack of follow through with what had been the intended route to Camden by multiple county commissions as a primary tool for attracting economic development to Preble County.  Had the leachate line been built to Camden it would have been primarily a gravity line and not involved the hydraulics’ issues of going to Lakengren. This whole leachate line issue continues to negatively impact the future economic development of Preble County with additional financial expense well after most taxpayers felt it was over. 

The audio for the leachate discussion begins just before the 1 hr. 39 minute mark.