Ohio 8th Congressional Forum – Eaton, Ohio – February 22, 2014 (video)

On February 22, 2014, the Tea Party Leadership Fund Pac held a straw poll forum at the Gathering Place in Eaton, Ohio. Ohio 8th Congressional candidates Eric Gurr & J.D. Winteregg took questions from a crowd that packed the building.

This is the video of that event through the end of the questioning.  

The sponsors have a website at http://primaryboehner.com

The websites for the candidates are:

Eric Gurr: http://gurrforcongress.com/meet-eric-gurr-the-man-who-would-take-down-house-speaker-john-boehner/

J.D. Winteregg: http://jdwinteregg.com/

December 12, 2013 forum held in Englewood, Ohio:

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