911 Dispatch – Open Records Request by Jane Marshall

It has come to my attention (Commissioner Denise Robertson) that the 911 merger and a five year financing discussion will be held at tomorrow's (September 27, 2017) County Commission meeting. For some reason though it does not appear on the agenda posted on the Commission website and that might be a reason for public concern.


The pages posted below are from an open records request made by Jane Marshall on September 26, 2017. These records pertain to the proposed 911 consolidation that could have the county take over the full cost for the City of Eaton's dispatch service after five years. If this happens there will be only one 911 dispatch center for Preble County and it will fall under the Sheriff's department banner. Many city of Eaton residents like having their own dispatch center. This proposal without additional funding or savings may cut into the funding available for the Preble County Sheriff's department. Unless the plan is to get this merger over with and then request a future tax increase. Previously a 1.5 mill tax hike had been discussed and favored by Commissioner Creech.




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